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Discussion in ' Announcements ' started by Graham-Dunnett , May 15, Log in Create a Unity ID. Improved Prefab workflow includes Nested Prefabs! Let us know a bit about your interests, and if you'd like to become more directly involved. Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Watch the overview now. Want to see the most recent patch releases? Take a peek at the patch release page.

Bundle up and save Unity roundatble survey Live virtual classes Patch releases. Jun 2, Posts: Please see the up-coming On Sustained Engineering blog post for more information about the overall plan and version numbers. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are: The swatches in the Color Picker tool are now gamma corrected when using linear colour space Terrain: Fixed an issue where the physics material assigned to a terrain object was not saved.

Fixed a hang on quit issue. Fixed an issue where by editor froze when trying to quit it after importing a Maya file. Choose the appropriate installer following the links shown below.

Also included below are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. How can I get my bug fixed? It will not be possible for the sustained engineering team to fix every bug. If you have submitted a clear, easily reproducible bug, included a small repro project, and we can match this against similar bugs, or the comments on the issue tracker tell us this bug affects many other people, then it may become a candidate for fixing.

If it can be fixed, then we will try to fix it in a timely manner. When will the next patch release come? I am near the end of my game development. Should I switch to this new release? We recommend that the patch releases are only used by teams who are critically affected by a bug, and need the patch to make progress. If you are not affected by the bugs fixed in a patch release do not take the patch. Why is a new team fixing bugs? The sustained engineering team has been formed to help accelerate the rate at which bugs can be fixed.

Why is sustained engineering part of the Support and QA teams? Because Support interact every day with customers with support contracts, and so see the issues that affect these teams, and QA process and see the bugs that come from the community. These two teams are ideally placed to observe how bugs affect customers. When I use the Editor Update Checker in the editor the patch releases are not shown. Is this a bug? The update check will report on full official editor releases. These will be Unity versions that have an f in them, such as 4.

Patch releases are not intended to be used by the whole community, and so will never be reported by the update check. If you wish to look for patch releases please visit this forum thread which will be the only location where these patches are announced and URLs provided.

I want to post a comment on this thread. This thread is for announcements about patch releases. If you want to discuss a patch with the community and Unity, please start a thread in the support section, or add a post to an existing patch related thread.

There seems to be a problem with web player builds. Yes, web players built from a patch release cannot currently be played back in the public released web player. We are working on resolving this issue. For now, please make a web player build using the official editor release. The patch download takes ages. Yes, these patch releases are not intended for every Unity user, so we have them hosted on a slower network.

Last edited by a moderator: Graham-Dunnett , May 15, Artificer00 , John3D , rakkarage and 5 others like this. Print warning message and highlight the specified mesh when StaticBatchingUtility. Combine is called but combined mesh is not accessible Editor and Standalone: Fixed bug with XInput controllers not connecting to standalone player during runtime and with controller disconnection and reconnection causing changes in joystick IDs iOS: Fixed level loading performance on iPhone 4 running iOS 7.

Fixed build run for Xcode 5. Fixed Mono IMT calls ex: String doesn't implement interface System. Fix for incorrect channel playback in ogg compressed 5. Where's the demo project? We removed it to reduce download size. Please download an official installer if you need the Angry Bots project. Or download the project from the asset store.

You never fixed my bug!!! We are fixing bugs we are aware of that affect large customers and many users. We cannot fix every bug in two weeks. We'll continue chipping away at bugs, and sooner or later your bug should get fixed. Will there be another 4.

We don't actually know. We have some 4. Graham-Dunnett , May 29, It will appear on the main Unity download page in the next few days. It is announced here to help customers get access to the installer more quickly. The release notes are: Fixed auto-simplification of sprite meshes. Very thin down-scaled textures will now produce sprites correctly. Fixed 2D rendering when sprite does not have tangents, but has normals none iOS: Fix linear lighting when antialiasing is enabled in upscaled fullscreen mode.

Fix asset bundle caching. Fix initial cursor visibility setting when antialiasing is enabled. MonoDevelop will no longer prevent logging out. Fix stack trace generation on crash. Unity now correctly marshals Collision2D. Unity will now correctly build player if plugins use. Fixed an issue which caused compressed meshes to blink in certain situations Windows Phone: Fixed clearing splashscreen if camera in first scene has no clear flag Windows Phone: GetJoystickNames now returns an empty string rather than preventing player build Windows Phone: I thought sustained engineering made patch releases?

And we also make minor releases. Will there be a patch release soon? Yes, we'll have a 4. Graham-Dunnett , Jun 6, Turns out that 4. The official release will be delayed a day or two. We still aim to get a 4. Graham-Dunnett , Jun 10, Graham-Dunnett , Jun 12, Rebelink , shkar-noori , red2blue and 1 other person like this. NavMesh carving obstacles are spatially sorted for robustness. Fix how rotational inertia and centre-of-mass is calculated.

unity 4x pro patch

Unity Patch Releases

Added support files with multiple fonts when building font metadata cache. Playlectric , boinged , Zicandar and 6 others like this. The official release of unity 4. Android TV - Fixed uses-feature attribute in manifest that could require touchscreen. Fixed unwanted gap in the NavMesh produced by a concave edge crossing a tile boundary. P-Jawahar , Sep 4, If you have submitted a clear, easily reproducible bug, included a small repro project, and we can match this against similar bugs, or the comments on the issue tracker tell us this bug affects many other people, then it may become a candidate for fixing.

Unity 4.x Pro Patch.exe (113.50 KB)

MikeHergaarden , im , JesseK and 2 others like this. If you are not affected by the bugs fixed in a patch release do not take the patch. Subscribe to Blog via Email Receive notifications of new posts by email. Fixed crash when loading a scene with an object that has a script with a ProceduralMaterial assigned to a Material property. Fixed crash when baking a ProceduralTexture without mipmaps to a compressed format.

Unity Pro 5.6.4 p2 (64bit) 2017 + Patch For Windows

unity 4x pro patch

Fixed application hanging and crashing when trying to close the IME with the back button. Send kGfxDeviceEventInitialize to native plugins if renderer changes. Combine is called but combined mesh is not accessible Editor and Standalone: Fixed crash when Rigidbody2D component is destroyed during contact callback. Unity is a tool for the development of two- and three-dimensional applications and games, running under the operating systems Windows, Linux and OS X. Fixed crash occurring when using webcam texture whilst privacy settings deny access to the camera. Array doesn't display methods twice anymore Performance improvements including lower latency in DirectX 11 mode. Fix occasional crash when unloading scenes with lots of 2D static colliders.

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