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We recently setup a new Windows Server server for our church office. We replaced a handful of workstations with new Windows 10 workstations. The rest are still Windows 7. We then installed Office on all the workstations. The Windows 10 machines seem to activate fine. But, none of the Windows 7 machines' MS Office will activate.

I tried doing it manually from the command prompt but get an error saying something to the effect that a volume activation server cannot be located. I ran the command to specify the server manually, but they still will not activate. Please note, there is no dual activation involved with any older versions of Office, so some of the usual fixes online aren't affecting this.

Your KMShost seems to be setup ok but it isn't receiving any activation traffic from your clients other than itself. Your KMSclients are sending requests, but it's not clear where they are going, only that they aren't received at your KMShost.

This could be due to multiple reasons. From a Win7 KMSclient machine, can you ping server. Since we seem to have determined that the counted requests KMShost are coming internally from the server itself, maybe we haven't properly ruled out a firewall constraint. Check the Windows Firewall configuration on the server.

You should be able to confirm if TCP: Normally, when enabling the VA features, the wizard will do the firewall rule for you, or tell you that it's needed.

There's a template in the firewall wizard for it on older OS versions, it's presumably still there in WS Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they helped. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnmff microsoft.

Thank you for your assistance in this. I ran the diagnostic tool on one of the affected Windows 7 machines. It says we must have Office or ?! This diagnostic tool doesn't appear to support Office The additional reference link you gave me took me to a page I've already gone over many times, but it also pertains to Office , not Office and did not help with this issue. Thanks for the further clarification. I was about to share the following Office version of TechNet article:.

You mean the Windows 10 system itself, or the Office client installed on Windows 10 platform? See, that's just the thing. I run this diagnostic tool on one of the client machines, as instructed, but the tool gives me me an error message titled "Office or Office not installed".

It further states "If you are troubleshooting a KMS Host issue for Office, please click Cancel and then re-run this diagnostic package on a client machine in your organization with either Office or Office installed. If you are not troubleshooting a KMS host issue, then you will need to have either Office or Office installed in order to troubleshoot a client issue with KMS activation. The diagnostic report that gets created says to fix our issue we should install Office or Office Yes, I meant the Office clients installed on Windows 10 platforms activate just fine.

It's the Office installation on the Windows 7 platform that are not activating. I have run this before. Essentially, there are two different sections pertaining to MS Office specifically that show licensed.

There's a lot of trimmed content, but here's the gist Only the Windows 10 machines appear to activate. The Windows 7 machines do not. It shows that it has received 5 client requests. I have it installed on at least 8 computers. The ones that are activating properly are the server Windows Server and the Windows 10 workstations.

It is only the Windows 7 machines that are not activating. There is nothing firewall-wise blocking that port anywhere. I'm also not finding anything definitive in the Windows Event Viewer logs on the server or the workstations. Or, I'm just not sure what I'm looking for. You should be able to identify the one client that has contacted, by looking in the event logs on the kmshost for security-spp events with eventid's in the range of It doesn't matter if domain-joined or not.

This makes more sense. I did install Office on it as well and it's the only one I can see showing up in the event logs about times in a row. This is a small church office. There is only the one server, which the KMS Host is installed on, and about 11 workstations. I installed Office on all the computers. So, if the firewall isn't blocking anything, why is it the Windows 10 workstations show up as activated and the Windows 7 machines don't?

This is the first time we've done volume license activation so we're not activating Windows OS or any other software in this fashion - only Office Just in case a previous office admin tried fiddling with this stuff, is there a way to search the network for the existence of other KMS Hosts?

I found out how to search the network for other KMS Hosts and there aren't any. I also checked the event logs on a couple workstations and they are sending multiple activation requests to the KMS Host.

I just cannot fathom why the requests aren't being received. I tried to follow some other instructions I found for activating one of the workstations manually. This also failed with the following error:. The Software Licensing Service reported that the product could not be activated.

Please see the Application Event Log for additional information. To view the activation event history run: A KB article has been detected for activation failure: When I ran the suggested command "cscript ospp. Here's an example of one of them:. If I run the command "cscript ospp. Where do I go to look for that? I have tried doing this with the firewall turned off with the same results. I did check the firewall and it looks like the rules were created during installation and that port is open.

The Software Licensing Service reported that the grace period expired. Last 5 characters of installed product key: ALL Most recent successful activation client information: So, according to this, if I'm reading it correctly, it looks like it's activating via Active Directory? I think you had mentioned previously that Windows 7 machines cannot activate using that method. How do I get those to activate then?

Yes, ADBA is being used in your example. ADBA is nice and easy and has no minimum threshold but it only works with modern products and it only works if domain-joined. KMS is a little bit fiddly but doesn't need domain-joined, works with older products, but has minimum thresholds. Is that what you have referenced in the link below? If not, where do I go to run this? I then ran the tool and set KMS instead. There are now at least 5 computers running on the network 2 Win 10 workstations, 2 Win 7 workstations, and the server that have Office installed.

Licensed Remaining App rearm count: I rebooted all four workstations remotely and then rebooted the server. Does the server not count in this? I will have them connected another workstation on Monday and see if the count changes. It looks like all their other computers must be shut off right now. I booted most of the remaining computers that had Office installed. One computer I still needed to install Office on. However, the count didn't change and that last computer wouldn't automatically activate.

Ultimately, I had to go to the Office16 folder and a command prompt and run the manual activation script ie. This time, each one activated fine and that Current Count number is no incrementing! This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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kms activator for windows 7

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KMSAuto works by the following principle: KMS Activator Software work as a plugin based tool. In new versions of the application, the file is no longer replaced, the whole process is in RAM. I'm so confused at this point Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I booted most of the remaining computers that had Office installed.

KMSpico Activator For Windows 7 (Bit 32, 64) [Ultimate]

Download Microsoft Toolkit 2. Thanks for the further clarification. This software can activate all features for the lifetime. Looking for grate activator for windows 7? KMS Activator has the best features that enable Windows update functions. Windows Password Recovery Tool Crack 6. You do not even need to push a button — simply wait a minute and Loader Extreme Edition will automatically choose appropriate way of licensing for your version of windows 7 operation system. It automatically detects the version of your window and office, then the installed product key is replaced with the license key with the help of this server.

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kms activator for windows 7

In the operating system, a special interface is installed, through which activation is carried out. But, none of the Windows 7 machines' MS Office will activate. In new versions of the application, the file is no longer replaced, the whole process is in RAM. Download Windows 7 activator build Find good activator for Windows is not easy. You could also do the same by using the slmgr. Licensed Remaining App rearm count: It activates like an original. Or, I'm just not sure what I'm looking for. Download it by link below:. Wednesday, September 06, 9:

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