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Log in or Sign up. All Civ avatars are brought back and available for selection in the Avatar Gallery! There are avatars total. Please check out this thread about adding resource and linking discussion thread in our new Resource Manager. Forum account upgrades are available for ad-free browsing. May 27, Messages: Hi all Civ 6 Improvements Patch makes general changes aimed at making Civ 6 more fun while keeping the essence of the game the same.

Focus areas - Making the game more interesting and fun, particularly in the bland early and late game. Policies are now far more strategic and have big implications to play-style. This is to prevent randomness from playing such a big part in the start of the game when the first person to meet gets a free envoy and therefore a huge bonus.

This is the government to get if you want to go tall. This project allows cities to build Housing but at the cost of losing population. This allows you to grow enormous cities at the cost of using up production capacity. Now resources will be slightly better than forests, hills and rainforests finally!

Also slightly increased yield for Plantations, camps and other resource-based improvements. Overall the map around you and resources will be a little more interesting. V17 - Updated to be compatible with Spring update. V16 - New policy effects for some Military and Diplo policies - Increased yield slightly for some resources. Now resources will be slightly better than forests, hills and rainforests horay! V15 - Fixed worker charges bug with colonization policy.

Version 12 General - Traderoute duration doubled. General - War Weariness from losing amenities reduced slightly. General - Doubled Unit upgrade costs so that it is less ridiculous.

Buildings - New buildings added. Policies - readded builder charges bonus to Colonization Version 11 - More buildings added to Districts Still more to come - Small bugfixes with some policies Version 9 - 10 new City-centre buildings. Dozens of new buildings for Districts coming soon. This should allow districts and cities to be far more specialized and feel less spammy.

This is mostly to offset science gained in new policies and buildings. Version 8 - Loads of new policy updates. This is to compensate for the new ability for all civs to use builders to add production to districts.

Thanks to Chocolate PI for the idea and code. Governments - Oligarchy government overhauled. Version 4 - Changes to sea tiles. The choice should now be a lot more meaningful. This should make it more important to invest in a large army, rather than rapidly build one when you need them.

Governments - Changed Oligarchy government to now have 2 Diplomatic policy slots. This should make it a more meaningful choice for City State play. Districts - Reduced production costs of all districts by approx. Xaviarlol , Oct 25, Oct 24, Messages: Do you mind providing a more comprehensive changelog on policies? Zerei , Oct 25, Oct 5, Messages: I'd also like to see more about your policy changes. SuperSylph , Oct 25, May 11, Messages: Oct 22, Messages: I am not seeing the policy or Oligarchy changes.

I can see the granary change, the eureka changes are functioning as are Natural wonders Great Barrier Reef. Scaremeister , Oct 25, Heyho mate, I've tried your mod and it works like a charme and in my opinion, the changes are improving the game a lot, especially in the mid-game.

I hope you are keeping up with the good work. BTW, is it normal, that sometimes the game crashes with the mod activated? Or is it just my pc? Ok, I think I found a problem. Everytime I am 1 turn away to build a temple in Saint Petersburg, the game crashes.

TheIzu , Oct 25, Oct 25, Messages: The mod worked fine in the beginning but now all the changes are gone. The only thing ive done is turning on debug mode. What do you mean by "Uncommenting"? So the mod is not working?

Oct 21, Messages: Is anyone getting the updated tooltips for the Natural Wonders? I can only get them to work if I make new tags for them. I'll take a look. There were a few version changes before I went to bed, I may have broken something. Try redownloding the mod and re-extract. It was from a last minute change. Redown-load and re-extract will fix it. It is savegame compatible. Jul 15, Messages: The Raid policy seems to be blank where it's effect is suppose to be when I am looking at it in the civic tree.

Overall though great mod. I like a lot of the changes. David , Oct 26, Xaviarlol , Oct 26, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Get Paid to Shop. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

civilization 6 latest patch

Civ 6 patch brings loads of interface and AI tweaks

A major new patch for Civilization VI is out now, adding DirectX 12 support, a new multiplayer scenario, two new maps, and a lot of bug fixes. Buildings - New buildings added. Fixed an issue where multiple leaders of the same civilization would frequently show up in a game. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Auto Cycle Units is now available in the Options menu. It all sounds good though; one of those patches that is a response to the issues people have been raising rather than the kind that seems to have been created in a vacuum. Log in or Sign up. Thank you for signing up for our newsletter!

[Mod] Civ 6 Improvements Patch

Added new visualization for desert mountains Civilization VI Update — Spring Update While some might have a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to the slower than average Civilization VI patches, others enjoy just how much content and changes are brought into effect in one fell swoop. Civilization 6 - Rise And Fall A new golden age? Oct 21, Messages: Heyho mate, I've tried your mod and it works like a charme and in my opinion, the changes are improving the game a lot, especially in the mid-game. Macedon is at war with Persia.

Civilization VI Update – Summer 2017 Update

civilization 6 latest patch

Units may no longer be deleted when they are damaged. I like a lot of the changes. Tuned AI city and unit build planning. Yes, my password is: Considering Spring took effect just the other week, we're getting the 'Spring Update' in a rather timely fashion. Policies are now far more strategic and have big implications to play-style. Increased AI use of Settler escorts. The update also includes the ability to save game settings, so that you don't have to redo a certain configuration every time you start a new game. Now find the ' DefaultKeyUpHandler ' function and make the same change, save the file and try it out. Added a visual cue for Barbarian Scouts that are alerted to your city. Added rewards and consequences to mission completed popups. As always, update your video drivers if you haven't recently. Reduced Warmonger penalties in most instances, and adjusted how this reacts to returning versus keeping a city. This happens regardless of the advanced start or turn timer type selected. As you can imagine from the last major update, we're getting one for each change in the season.

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Civilization 6 latest patch
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