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Thread starter texhnolyze Start date May 11, Same here actually, I followed the guide and WTFast and SoftEther don't seem to cooperate, the game never hooks into WTFast or outright never launches, anyone knows what's up with that? I'm using the WTFast 4. HA got it to work! Here is a little guide: Start Black Desert and wait till you are at the title-screen 4: Disconnect from SoftEther and close it 5: Wait till your normal internet connection is restored 6: Important note for people who are playing this with little or no Japanese ability: Thus far it has been mostly Russian players who have taken the biggest beating but it should be common sense not to make a nuisance of yourself if you're already breaking rules to get in.

My tip is to keep communication between whispering, party or guild chat channels. I might add some details about the state of the game. It is also behind in playable classes, the upcoming classes are called Blader, Valkyrie and a female variant of the Blader called Plum literally. There will be cash shop glamour and quality of life expansions coming but the publishing body Pmang haven't released any details.

Gintoki Member May 11, Nice, thanks for the heads up. I'll try it out for a bit. Tried playing it for a bit on Friday, but sadly my notebook can't handle it even on lower settings Cisce Member May 11, I would be definitely for this if it wasn't for the VPN, I don't think the software will work on Windows I want to try but I'm not getting Facebook for it, the wait continues. Qvoth Member May 11, Was actually looking for a guide like this a few peeps on Twitch are playing it already.

Hopefully we see a full English version hit soon Ferrio Banned May 11, Would like to try it out, but not enough to jump through all those hoops. I've experienced those english patches before too, don't wanna wade through google translated quests. Panda In Space Member May 11, Can you disconnect the VPN after login and already in game?

Panda In Space said: Soulflarz Banned May 11, Hikami Member May 11, Nice, trying it out asap. Wonder if my PC can run it. I'll think I'll keep waiting for now. Hmm, might do this just so I can play with the character creator. I'm way more interested in that than the actual game!

Sophia Member May 11, I considered it, but I couldn't get the download speed for the client to go very fast. I'll try some other time once the VPN isn't needed to download. Unknown Soldier Member May 11, Try to cut the VPN when downloading the client. I'll give it a shot. Which download method are you using, the downloader or direct links? I'm downloading from the direct links without vpn just fine.

I'm using IDM though. Download later, cut the vpn, then start download. Beats Member May 11, The download took pretty long for me around 2 hours for both files. I only played for an hour or so, but the game looks really nice so far and the archer is pretty fun to play.

Going to take around 2 hours to download, ah well. Guess I'll just leave that on while I sleep and try it tomorrow. I've tried all three methods. Both direct links and the download manager.

None of them work for me. Cutting the VPN cancels them all. I managed to get it working through the direct download link. The speed isn't terribly fast tho. Only going at 1 MB a second. Jijidasu Member May 11, Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.

That is way too much work just to fool around with a character creator. InfiniteNine Rolling Girl May 11, This is very pretty.

I'm going to have to check out how the combat is before I try anything out though. Ashodin Member May 11, KCroxtonJr Member May 11, Didn't know it was missing content too, definitely waiting then. Wish it would come to NA sooner.

Shining Sunshine Banned May 11, And would Hola work for VPN? What's the best way of playing this? Or is there a localization coming soon? Banned May 11, Gromph This tag is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance The site is up. Game downloaded faster than I thought so tried it out for a bit.

Surprised I can actually run it, on High settings 60fps even. Character customization is crazy. Just skimmed over it since I'd be here all night if I tried everything. I'll check out the rest tomorrow. Yesss, thanks for the list of instructions. Pop Member May 11, Really looking forward to this.

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black desert online english patch

Black Desert Online is Free: How You Can Play in the Japanese Beta Test

Tanpa wtfast juga sama aja sebenernya, tapi vpn rawan dc. Cutting the VPN cancels them all. Nice, trying it out asap. Akan muncul image "Start Game", klik, tunggu sebentar. You can also set it to bmp, jpg, or png.

Black Desert Online

Tensions rise again when the others discover the importance of black stones. It will prompt for the DirectX 11 bit dll location. Threads Posts 1. Udah berhasil konek dan udah main, tapi kok sering DC? Retrieved 20 April Resources Latest reviews Search resources. The models of all the characters and monsters and created with a striking attention to detail and we hardly encounter two identical monsters in two different locations. Meanbastard Vivacious Visitor Apr 14, I've heard this game is a P2W title, but at what extent? Main di server JP, seperti anak ilang dong?

Black Desert Gets English Patch From LokiReborn, Translates Most of the Stuff

black desert online english patch

Jane Smother October 8, 0. Gak kok, selain ada komunitas lokal, komunitas English Speaker nya sangat banyak. Threads 23 Posts Greetings Adventurers, Halloween Escapade is here! What is the quickiest way to make my armor have 0 durability and get all torn apart? Download di Play Store. Pearl Abyss has apologized to Russian players and announced they would self-publish in Russia when their own localization efforts were completed. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

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