Patched pokemon cloud white 2 rom

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Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more! April 11th, 2: Edited July 7th, by Shogun. The story follow the original Fire red story but after that a new adventure will start for your hero across an amount of 5 regions! The base rom is Fire red E or U [U]1.

The game developer is me, Shogun. My first Assistant is Ledxil. The game was started in April with the name " Pokemon Fire Red " as a project name code. Is the game finished? In one hand, YES because You can finish the main storylines and complete your dex BUT in other hand, NO because I' haven't finished to fix a lot of bugs, I'm working on a new storylines with a new region, etc.

How do I patch the game? Can I use my old save if the game have been update? How to access to Mangan? Complete the Sevii story. After that, go to isle 6, more exactly in the north of the isle 6. How to access to Johto? Complete the Mangan Story. Then talk to chen in Mangan city Kairyu Tower Then go to the west of Viridian City I want to do a let's play or someting else with your rom, is it possible?

Yes BUT you need to ask me the permission before. Some trainers and peoples speak French, is it normal? These new region are different part of the world with a different language. In game they talk about the "traditionnal language". With this I wanna do something more How can I donate? Here How to report an error: April 11th, 5: Originally Posted by maxcollet April 11th, 8: This thread looks like garbage Drewko, I'm in medecine that's why i don't find the time to test this game but I've test it between the begining and the second badges and I don't see any bug for the moment After that I have test all my script and they work so I can't say for the moment "I have test my game".

April 11th, 9: You need to expand your rom to 32 Mb thanks for the information. Why are they names in French? It's like using Japanese words in a sentence with mostly English words to make it sound cooler, it just doesn't seem right. April 11th, Originally Posted by Sceptile April 11th, 4: When i get the pokedex it freeze the game. Originally Posted by curiters. April 12th, 4: The Game Freezes when I pick my starter April 12th, 5: Originally Posted by oathkeeper.

April 12th, I Don't know why it still freezes every time I pick my starter. I've tried to patch it to different type of Fire Red roms none of them worked correctly.

A little help please? I really like to play this game. April 13th, 1: April 13th, 3: This is the moment of crash. Originally Posted by Drewko. April 13th, 4: Edited April 13th, by Drewko. I'll try other emulators. If this is what i think, then the only good solution is to give in first post information about the fact that this hack does not work with all emulators. Still nothing, it does not work. Save switching can be invalid option too, because of changed game mechanics Edited April 13th, by Shogun.

April 13th, 5: April 13th, Originally Posted by SKnight April 14th, 4: Just use an Old Rod. April 14th, 5: Originally Posted by Splash. Especially that you does not saw this post before SKnight20 just write more informations about this hack, right? This hack is actually good, but i think that starters in first grass are And catches on first few routes are boring for a hack.

April 14th, 8: Drewko, You need to know I have make the choice to put 3 gen of starter in the first grass for 1 reason: I know a lot of people make the hard choice when they pick their starter now they can take one and find the other easily.

After that you can choose your custom starter team cause I knox some person don't like starter from kanto rare and prefer starter from gen 2 for example. But I understand, it's like "cheating" but if you don't like this I have post on the link of the ips all the tool so you can in 5 minutes change the pokemon of this first area.

Gen 4 ; 5 and 6 of starters are find step by step on your progression for information. All times are GMT The time now is 1: I'm working on the next episode of this game: The language should be in: English longer dev , grammar error, some problem to understand the story, etc. You may not vote on this poll. Page 1 of Shogun Working on Cloud White 2 and 3! Official Game Guide ver. Here is a tutorial: Azur Archipelago is based on France. A big thanks for: I need help for: Send a private message to Shogun.

Find all posts by Shogun. Find threads started by Shogun. Ignore Posts by Shogun. Originally Posted by maxcollet72 Yo tha people! Send a private message to Spherical Ice. Find all posts by Spherical Ice. Find threads started by Spherical Ice. Ignore Posts by Spherical Ice. Send a private message to Drewko. Find all posts by Drewko.

patched pokemon cloud white 2 rom

No account? No worries.

I did it and Got Froakie. Nathan James July 20, at My first Assistant is Ledxil. You need to expand your rom to 32 Mb thanks for the information. Originally Posted by Splash If you dont have anything good to say please dont say it.. Is it a glitch or what? Send a private message to Drewko.

6043 - Pokemon - White 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed)

Find all posts by Shogun. Knuckle San April 3, at Definitely check out Glazed if you haven't already. Yes, but many people are saying they can't get past the Kanto league in the latest version. Why are they names in French?

6150 - Pokemon - White Version 2 (frieNDS)

patched pokemon cloud white 2 rom

Somebody there should be able to help you out. In order to get there you must go to Six Island, then go through the forest I think its called Pattern Bush or something. Knuckle San March 11, at Ezzy May 25, at Originally Posted by curiters. Unknown July 18, at 9: Originally Posted by maxcollet72 Drewko, You need to know I have make the choice to put 3 gen of starter in the first grass for 1 reason: I don't know what to do either. Unknown July 14, at

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